Enesto's Journal

the next 28 weeks

After the battles at the owlbear cave, Baron Bors had no further need of my assistance and I went back to patrolling with the goblin brigade.

We went east to the mine first, where we tracked down bandits who had been stealing ore. Turns out I knew a couple of them from the Stag Lord days, but they were already dead by the time I recognized them. Too bad.

The mines had become infested with strange fiery worms the like of which no one had ever seen. But of course I knew them as thoqquas, a creature summoned by druids. I didn’t know how to kill one aside from having an owlbear tear it in half, and we didn’t have any of those handy. Turns out they die well enough from arrows though.

From there we scouted north along the eastern border, but encountered no threats besides wolves and mountain lions.

We returned to town and I ran into some of my stepfather’s kin who had wandered up this way. They wanted revenge when they saw me, but I gave them death instead.

I purchased some supplies in town and took them out to stock the old hermit’s tree I’ve been fixing up. If my luck turns for the worse, I’ll have a place to hide out. I concealed a number of bear traps around it to discourage visitors.

When I came back again, Poog was gathering troops for a raid on some bandits in the north end of the forest. I joined in for the chance at loot, but these bandits had not known much success.

I spent last few weeks hunting a goblin murderer – not a goblin who murders people, that would describe half of my friends, but a gnome illusionist who was murdering goblins. At least, I’m pretty sure I killed the right guy. I’m not a detective or anything, but he looked guilty.



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