I May Have Found a Home.

After years and months have passed me by without a whim of hope I may have found a village to call my own; New Hope is the name of the kingdom. I must admit at first I was weary of the town due to how many of its citizens were appalled by the Dukes “selfish acts” and thirsty for adventure, when he was to be taking hold of the kingdom by the reigns. Nonetheless it was none of my business to place my opinion here or there, I was just a traveler. That same night I became quite thirsty and hungry for a grok to help take the edge off of the day over at the inn. Everyone was in a bit of an uproar over the prior events of a man being jailed for speaking on how unfit the duke was, i did not care all i wanted was a hellish drink to relax my muscles and mind. The Duke showed up to the inn and offered to buy every man and women a drink, hell i haggled the brewtender for 2 drinks for the cost of one whiskey, at the time i thought it was a wise idea, until more free drinks came my way. I do not recall much for the rest of that night until i found myself awake in a very clean inn with great amenities and fine linen. Dazed and confused i heard a fury of knocks and a yell for my name “Maximus, it is i the duke.” The duke? i asked myself. I woddled to the door with the smell of boos dripping off my tongue, “how can i help you” i asked. He replied that we have spoke the night before about getting breakfast this morning to discuss the events of nights past. We met for breakfast and apparently i stood up for the duke at the inn after all of the criticism he was getting, and for that i believe i have befriended this duke of New Hope. As i am writing this i am on an adventure with the duke, and three other men i do not know so well i will continue this log when i have time to do so.



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