The life and times of Bosco the Brave | New Hope, Year 1

A Gnome Sorcerer (and Bard) tale of intrigue and woe

The Foundation

It’s been a year since I returned to Oleg’s. Times have change more than I ever could have imagined. We’ve begun building a city, a kingdom. Since we’re such an eclectic group of individuals, we’ve decided to recruit settlers of all kinds, and races. We’ve begun to build farms and houses. It’s truly amazing. Oleg’s has turned into a true trading post for our fledging kingdom. His wife, the beautiful Svetlana, is now our Magister. I don’t know how I feel about that, considering I’m a much more accomplished mage. I’m sure there will be something I can do.

The Civics Lesson

Turns out there is a place for me in the kingdom’s leadership. I’ve moved into the castle and taken the position of chief diplomat. Looks like all that talking in class is paying off now, Miss Bobbledock. As chief diplomat, my responsibility is to maintain open lines of communication with other kingdoms and spread the good word of our “New Hope” No one has actually told me that, but it sounds good, eh? Bors is the ruler (since he could probably beat the rest of us in a fight) Zirul is our “spymaster” . Ganon, the druid to be all druidy and inexplicably Poog as our marshall. Yes, the one guy smaller than me is in charge of patrolling around the castle and town. That said, he does have the help of a bunch of other goblins we saved from Poog’s village. I never told him I killed his brother in that encounter whilst hiding in a tree. Let’s keep that to ourselves.

The Inventory

Now I’ve setup a shop. For me, I’m mostly concerned with selling my potions, but I’ve also been handling the buying and selling of things for the kingdom. It’s been interesting running this shop. I’ve become very skilled appraiser of all the things people want to sell. Our inventory has increased 10 fold and I’ve made a good bit of gold selling my potions as well.

The Master and the Apprentice

Zirul brings around a guy for me to speak to. Calls himself “Jam” and has a lot of ideas. Most relevant to me is his desire to sell his alchemical items. Now, personally I always felt alchemy was a cheap imitation of proper arcana, but Mother always said it takes all kinds. I’ve taken him on as apprentice for now. He also has some martial skill, so I’ll bring him along on our next adventure.

The Alliance

At the latest meeting of our leadership council, Bors had many announcements. First was that we should ally with the much larger Elven nation to our south. Some had second thoughts about this, considering the way those grimy elfish hate everyone who isn’t tall and thin with pointed ears. I fought for the alliance, however, we need alliances. Besides, I haven’t actually talked to many other kingdoms and I’d like something to do as the Grand Diplomat. Then the second announcement comes, Bors wants to marry some elfish princess. The elfish princess from the kingdom to the south. Of course, he now wants to ally with that country. Then she walks in. She was like a cool breeze in a hot swamp. And she knows magic, and can probably teach me a thing or two. I’ll need to get to know her. Then the master of bad timing walks in, Poog the protector. He’s battered and bloody, after sustaining an attack from a few trolls to the south.

The Land to the South

A few weeks have passed and the party has begun to begin mapping the south borders of this new kingdom. With me are Zirul, our lead cartographer. Bors, our paladin. Ganon, the druid who should be very helpful in the woods and our new friend Jam. Jam is a truly odd duck. Zirul and he go ahead of the rest of us for a bit. When we catch up, we find that he’s picked the lock on an unattended hut. Just because something is unattended does’nt mean we can steal from them! We let him know that it’s not how things are going to work in the kingdom of New Hope and then I decide to look into the ponds on this property. I was thinking there could be fish that we could buy from the landowner. Turns out the scarecrow was an alarm, it attacked me, we had to fight back. Ugh. Thank goodness for backup, I would have died.

The Fog

This was crazy. We encountered a lighthouse on a lake. I awoke when a glowing orb of fog zapped Bors. Then it disappeared. I decided to disappear as well. A story is no good if it can’t be told. I aafter running a safe distance away, I cast dancing lights on it. That way, my team could still find it even if it disappeared again. Some of the other party members finally went back to fight the glowing orb, emboldened by my courage and quick thinking. The druid then changed form to a raven and flew over to the lighthouse to see if anything was there. He flew quickly back, complaining of “evil presence” I wasn’t in the mood for another fight (it was the middle of the night, after all) so I downplayed it and we left the next morning.

The ruined cup of tea

I don’t know about these druids. I lived in a tree house for 30 years before I left home, so understand the love of a tree, but these guys are too much. We find a druid and ask for his help in locating the trolls that attacked our town. There is way too much posturing going on, so I decide to have tea with the man. We talk a bit, he tells me he hasn’t seen any gnome women, and before even pouring me a cup, he shanks me in my side. Needless to say, I was surpised. Not surprised enough to not burn his face off, but definetly taken aback. His stupid cat guards the door, so my team can’t help. After another dose of fire to the face, he bounds out of the room over his dead cat and into the forest. Our sharpshooter spymaster fells him with one shot. I claim the tree for myself, since it reminds me of home, and we loot the “druid” like the scum he was. Afterwards, I had the tea. It was pretty good.

The lycanthrope and the calm

Lycanthropy is when a man becomes a wolf. It’s hit our town like a longsword, even one or two hits will panic a common person. After returning from our exploration, we learn that two of the citizens have been killed. After some wonderful detective work, we find out about the werewolf. Ganon find him first, and stupidly decides to attack him. I intervene, forcing him to laugh, and soon enough the other leaders come through. We figure out a way to heal him and put him to work, giving him a new hope. Looks like we picked a pretty good name.



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