The life and times of Bosco the Brave | New Hope, Year 2

A Gnome Sorcerer's rhymes of hustle and flow

The Turtle

It was time again to explore the area to the south of our fledgling kingdom. Maybe we can finally find those trolls Poog let us know about.Anyway, we happen upon a large pond in the forest. It’s doesn’t seem magical or evil or anything, so we begin to move on. Like clockwork,
a HUGE shelled creature roars out of the pond and attempts to bite me. Obviously, i side step out of the way and remove it from my vicinity. It disapppears back into the pond and later appears to bite the hapless druid. Poor guy almost got pulled in. Some of my more fiery pals wanted to KILL the stupid turtle/tortoise thing, but I was able to convince them to leave it alone. It’s just an animal. A story is no good if it can’t be told. After this, we realized just how poorly prepared we were. We were still walking everywhere. We didn’t have any proper survival gear. I blame Zirul, he should have made sure we were all decked out before adventuring. I’ll have to speak
to him about it at the next shadow meeting.

The Beast

It’s time I finally got serious about this adventuring thing. I’ve been so reliant on my team, but no longer. Bosco the Brave won’t be subject to anyone! Specifically, having to ride like a child on someone else’s horse. This time, I’ve got my own. Well…. horses are still too big and donkeys are too dumb and ponies are too fragile, so I went with a crossbreed of a dog and a sheep, called a “sheep/dog”. 333c935b1f32e50ae6e29be27c9290ae
I had heard of OwlBears, but this is a new one. Maybe the humans wanted to make the dog side more docile,or see a sheep with fangs, because it’s hilarious. And woah, this dog is hilarious. It makes this obscene noise called a “bark”. It’s easy to ride though, and just my size. It’s name is Ruff. I also bought some alchemist’s fire from Jam, it’s nice to see him progressing as a merchant. It’s a lesser form of magic, but this alchemy still has it’s uses.

The Head Worg in Charge

We head back into the wilderness, to kill a Worg, who has been terrorizing the members of the kingdom. After finding the pack, we divide and conquer. The Druid entangles the stray wolves, and I burn them to death. Easy Peasy. Nice to see him make a difference this time. The others take care of the pack leader, the Worg. As Chief Diplomat, I know all about branding and I see an opportunity. We pack the wolves into one our tents (that we actually had, this time) and will bring them back to town.

The Undead Friend

During our time back in town, someone re-found the treasure map from the druid who used to
live in my tree. Back on the road we go, and eventually find a small dungeon that will hold some sort of sword or suit of armor. It’s never anything I want to use. Anyway, we begin exploration, with Jam leading the way. There were traps and he lost some of his vigor from some sort of smoke. Not magic, though. I checked. That was the first sign that the night wasn’t going to end well. Further into the dungeon, a skeleton busts out of a coffin and re-animates. I’ve seen it all now. I’ve heard of these things happening but to see it through my own eyes was utterly terrible. It was grimy, just grimy. Next thing we know, Jam is on the ground and the creature is fighting someone, I couldn’t tell. I checked Jam and he was dead. Or seemed dead. Angry, I toss a handful of flames at this monster or vampire or zombie or undead. He merely touches me and I feel the life drain out of me. Even worse, Jam returns to his feet and begins attacking me! If I hadn’t seen a dead thing re-animate minutes earlier, I might have fainted. I can’t even deal with
this. He was … He was a hero. We took his corpse back to town. Bors says that it’s possible to resurrect him. I can only hope.

Back in town, I send the pelts to the tanner and embark with Zirul to Brevoy, to get this draining taken care of. The group donated much of our Worg reward money to heal my conditions. I may never let them know, but this group of men means a lot to me. We find a cleric, she takes our “offering” and I feel my vigor return. Since we’re in Brevoy, Zirul and I take care of some business we can’t do back home in New Hope, namely, beginning our spy network. We thrown an event at the local pub, The Smiling Satyr. It attracts the type of people we need and we find a few good candidates. I also make a bit of coin performing in a big city, so it was fun to do that in front of a proper audience again. Along with more people, Brevoy has more goods. Zirul gets some stuff for himself, and I decide to treat myself with a Mithral shirt. It’s thin and light and strong and doesn’t bother my spells too much. It gets in the way a little bit, but I think I can handle it.

The Thatch-roofed cottage

One of Jam’s relics is the hut with the animated scarecrow (he broke in). Bors, the goody two shoes, of course wants to make amends. Even though I almost died. We visit the hut and this ugly HAG opens this door. She and Bors talk. He says she wants us to retrieve some fungus and she’ll call it even. It’s obviously a trap, but off we go. We find the swamp pretty easily but that’s where the good parts end. A GIGANTIC mushroom stands up and starts
walking towards us. It grabs Bors and literally eats him. He’s in the stomach. It’s ironic, I know. I throw a flask of acid at it, but it doesn’t even flinch. I burninate the blighted abomination while this huge fighter fights it hand to hand. It dies, and we try to cut Bors out. It wakes up, must have been sleeping. Burninate again. Lather, rinse, repeat. Eventually we kill the thing after I set it and my comrades on fire. There was nothing I could do,
it had to be done. The druid grabs the mushrooms and we head out. Back at the hut, i’m incensed. I’m not surprised but still livid that this witch actually tried to kill us again. She’s a threat to our community and Bors is too trusting to leave her alone. I fire a single magic missile at her,hoping to catch her by surprise. Then…



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