The Story of Bors and Co., Part IX

Dragons, Trolls, and a Fallen Friend

We returned home after dealing with the lizard folk. The Halfling lawyer left, saying he had personal things to attend to. And no sooner had I greeted Aerith, my wife, that an envoy from the Sword Lords of Restov arrives bearing another decree. We were ordered to make immediate preparations to finally see to the trolls that had been marauding the south.

After a couple of nights rest, we set off. We decided to take Poog with us. He may not look or seem like much, but our little goblin friend is an able tracker and scout.

A couple days into our mission, we noticed a large green beast flying overhead. This could only mean one thing: dragon! Deciding that the trolls were more important, we pressed on, figuring we would deal with this green dragon en route back. But no sooner had we continued on that we encountered our path getting narrower and narrower. And soon enough, our forward progress was blocked by a swamp with very thick overgrowth. It would take several hours to cut our way through this.

As we pondered our options, the green dragon made its return, flying overhead and circling us once more. Only this time, it didn’t leave. We readied ourselves for battle once the dragon began its descent. It spewed forth from its vicious maw a green fog. This fog hurt a good deal, so I made sure to step out of it. Having an extreme hatred towards evil dragons (and this one was definitely evil), I called forth the blessings of Iomedae, and proceeded to smite my foe! With just two simple swipes of my blessed blade, I was able to fell the terrible drake. It’s presence will no longer be a poison to the swamps around these parts.

Poog was able to find the tracks that led to the dragon’s lair. There wasn’t much there – a sign that this drake hadn’t been here for very long. We continued southward and a bit to the west a lo’ and behold, we finally found our troll quarry. It turns out that they had taken up residence in an old, abandoned Dwarven lookout post. I may re-establish this place for my own purposes once we cleared it of its troll inhabitants.

We made relatively short work of the first two troll guards at the main entrance. They were reinforced by a third who came running down from a flight of stairs leading up. Bosco proved very capable in this fight as we soon learned that these trolls were quite prone to his fire magic. We went upstairs and it seemed to be the primary lookout room that the original Dwarven occupants used. Heading downstairs, we encountered a fourth troll, and his troll dog. They were eating an unfortunate Halfling. We made rather short work of both now that we knew their weakness. Further exploration led us to the kennel of these troll dogs. Two were occupying this kennel and we dispatched them both with relative ease, but not without learning that their bites cause some sort of disease, as Bosco was unfortunate enough to learn. I healed him of it straight away.

Moving on to the unexplored portions of this mountain stronghold, we passed a room with a rather large cache of mundane supplies (bolts of cloth, supplies, etc.). While this room was worked with Dwarven craftsmanship, there was a wall that was completely torn through and led further down underground. Now we were traveling through dirt tunnels.

The tunnel split into a fork and we decided to take the left. We were met with a rather large and brutish troll. It even had two heads! This battle would be tough because not only was our opponent rather fierce looking, but a lot of our resources in terms of spells and my healing had been exhausted. Tired and bloodied, we charged forth no less. Maximo was the first to fall as the two-headed troll rend him to bits early into the battle. I was able to run up to Maximo and heal him well enough so that he could get up and get away. I stayed toe-to-toe with this troll to keep it distracted. Unfortunately for Bosco, however, he also tried to help Maximo by giving him a healing potion. This put Bosco in range of the troll’s reach and the troll ripped our little gnome friend in two with his claws.

Maximo took Poog’s side from distance and Poog was taking shots at it with his crossbow but it seemed to have no effect. I remained toe-to-toe and exchanged blows with this fearsome troll, smiting him and calling on Iomedae to instill her righteous powers into my blade. I nearly fell for the troll was quite deadly with its claws and teeth. But the powers of Iomedae surged through me and I, along with my companions left standing, were able to fell this two-headed behemoth. Unfortunately for Bosco, however, it was too late. My powers of healing were not enough to bring him back. I had failed to protect our longtime Gnomish companion…

We decided that we needed to rest for a night before continuing on. Poog went along to scout ahead and informed us that there were several more trolls inhabiting the other fork of the tunnel road, one of which looked very dangerous. Too exhausted to continue on, we thought it best to sleep out in the forest and try again the next day. The trolls would know that they were under attack, and the element of surprise would now be gone, but their numbers were now severely cut. Over night, Brand, the crazy Alchemist, showed up. He felt that his cousin had passed and now sought vengeance.

The next day we made our way back to the abandoned Dwarven lookout post and found another pair of trolls guarding the entrance. We made quick work of these two, our strength and energy renewed. Continuing back the path we came, but taking the right side of the fork, Poog scouted ahead once more. Our goblin friend came crying back with what looked to be some sort of troll that had rock and stone for skin. Taking no chances, Maximo and I charged forth to meet this stone troll hand-to-claw while Poog and Brand did their handiwork from afar. Brand proved quite capable as his potion bombs did much to injure, and ultimately kill, this stone troll. Brand was more useful than I thought. Especially in a fight with creatures such as these.

Continuing on, we came across what seemed to be the final area of this entire troll stronghold. This final troll was in a room where a full wagon seemed to be its bed and a large stump fashioned in a way to be his throne. This troll fancied himself some sort of chieftan. With a roar, he tossed beads at us. But these beads exploded and hurt us. Seeking to break our clustered formation, Maximo and I charged forth once again while Poog flanked out and Brand remained behind where he could toss his bombs from distance. The combination of Maximo and myself flanking this boss troll while Poog shot from afar and Brand tossing bombs with surprising accuracy and effectiveness, we dispatched our troll foe in efficient order and no losses of our own.

These trolls had been busy for they had quite the treasure trove. There was just one room left to explore before we head back home to New Hope…



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