The Story of Bors and Co., Part VII

Giant Turtles and Talking Worgs…

Our city of New Hope looking a lot more prosperous, our retinue of adventuring companions decided to further explore our immediate surroundings. We made our way south and happened upon a pond. It was very muddy so I dared not explore, lest I sink. Everyone else, on the other hand, decided to inspect what I considered a mundane thing. Not long into inspection of the pond, Bosco was suddenly attacked by a large snapping turtle. Our Gnome friend seems to have bad luck with inspecting bodies of water. And this turtle had a taste for Gnome flesh, it seemed.

As I watched helplessly, I drew my bow. Bosco cast a spell and the turtle disappeared back into the pond. Jam inspected the pond closely, which was inadvisable. No sooner had Jam stepped close than the turtle sprang out and caught Jam unawares, attempting to drag him into the pond. Fortunately, Jam was able to escape the giant turtle’s grasp and we all left the turtle as is. It is merely a large turtle living in a pond and seemed harmless unless people got too close. We’ll have to set up warning signs in the future.

Realizing that they had forgotten some of their potions, we made our way back to New Hope so that Bosco and Jam could adequately prepare. We all made arrangements to purchase horses (and a riding dog for Bosco). Before setting off once again, there was that had been put up by the townsfolk offering a reward for a marauding Worg. A decision was made to take care of this errand and the reward would be used for the people. They are our wards, after all.

Making our way directly East, we happened upon the Worg and a few wolves feasting on a recent elk kill. The Worg demanded that we leave he and his companions be, but I saw fit to dispatch of the evil creature as it had killed a few of the townspeople. It was not long before the Worg and his wolves lay slain. Bosco and Jam wanted to keep the pelts so that cloaks could be made later.

A Companion Falls…

We remembered that we had a treasure map that we had collected off of the hermit who attacked Bosco under the guise of serving tea. And the location of the treasure on said map lay directly East, and not too far off. Since we were in the area, we decided to check it out.

The location of the treasure turned out to be some sort of tomb. Getting in was not easy as a swarm of bats were the first to greet us, biting and nipping at us, before finally flying away. Then Jam, a thief albeit an inexperienced thief, bumbled his way through the corridors, setting off just about every trap imaginable. He set off some sort of smoke trap that left him looking weak and decrepit.

As we made our way to the actual tomb itself – Jam leading the way – we came upon the final resting spot of the tomb’s main occupant. As Jam inspected the surrounding area, the corpse reanimated and immediately attacked. Jam fell within short order, and then I was able to get the abomination to focus its attentions on me. As I went back and forth with this undead abomination, smiting it this way and that, Jam reanimated himself and started attacking Bosco and Ganon. I managed to get zombie Jam’s attention and after a short while, was able to smite the Wight and Jam into oblivion. We collected the sword of the Wight and wrapped up Jam’s body to take back with us to New Hope.

Upon our return, we buried Jam with full honors. We hope to be able to resurrect him, but we currently do not have the coin to do so, nor do we have anyone capable of performing such a feat. We spent a few weeks grieving. Bosco was injured from the fight and had to go to Brevoy to seek proper healing. Zirul accompanied him, while I stayed behind to oversee construction of a new set of housing for our nobles.

A Witch’s Errand…

We decided to return to the hut that Jam and Zirul unceremoniously unlocked, and where a scarecrow guardian attacked our party. Upon arrival, I noticed the scarecrow was in its original place. But as I approached the hut, alone, it was merely a scarecrow and nothing more. Knocking on the door, the inhabitant (who happened to be a witch) answered. She was not happy that we had destroyed her scarecrow guardian. And she was not happy that we were trespassing on her lands. As a show of apology, I promised that I would personally fund her materials with which to make a new scarecrow guardian. She warmed to me slightly at this offer. She also asked that we collect some black cap mushrooms for her to the south. Since we needed to continue further exploring the south, it seemed like a small errand to do given it happened to be along the way.



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