The Story of Bors and Co., Part VIII

We set off in search of the rumored Trolls that have been terrorizing to the South. Though we had not heard of any such activity in quite some time, it was inevitable before we would once again hear of these Trolls wreaking havoc once again. For the sake of the Kingdom of New Hope, it was time to finally seek them out and prevent any such things from happening in the future.

Bosco and I set off with two newcomers. The first is one named Maximo. Maximo proved himself to be a very able-bodied warrior. He is very loyal, too. It is because of this, he has become one of my personal bodyguards. But he is no mere bodyguard. I understand that he is using this post as a means with which to gain prestige and rank within the kingdom’s court. The other is Bosco’s personal barrister – a Halfling (whose name escapes me) with not only a sharp mind, but with some magical aptitude very similar to that of Bosco.

After agreeing to allow this new blue stone product to be sold under governmental supervision, we four made our way south in search of the Trolls.

Progress was going quite well until we encroached upon a swamp that had fortifications surrounding a substantial portion of it. After several failed attempts to hail any possible inhabitants (and failed attempts by Bosco and the lawyer to scale the wall), Maximo and I decided to break down the main gateway through brute force alone.

Once we broke the door down, we were immediately attacked by these lizard warriors. The stood upright, unlike lizards I had come to commonly know, and they were bigger than even we were, wielding spears menacingly at us. Not that I would blame them, however. We did just break down their front door. To our credit, we did announce ourselves.

After a brief skirmish, we advanced, leaving about eight or ten lizard-people corpses in our wake. Maximo fought very well. We then decided to inspect the huts within. At some point, Bosco and the lawyer went off on their own, while I inspected a hut. Finding nothing, I decided to see where my mates had gone off to. I heard a commotion coming from one hut and upon entering, I saw Maximo go into a hole in the ground. It turns out that Bosco and the lawyer had decided to explore this hole, which turned out to be a tunnel.

I squeezed in after Maximo. When we got to the end of the tunnel, it opened up to what appeared to be the floor of another hut. But we were greeted by three lizard-people waiting for us. One of the lizard-people was clearly the clan leader of some sort as he was much bigger and adorned in gaudy ornaments. He was also armed with a menacingly large trident. Maximo put himself on all fours so that I could stand on his back and combat the three lizard folk. I was at a significant disadvantage, but this was the only way we could engage them.

The clan leader proved to be a very formidable opponent. There were several times where he had severely injured me. It was only through the divine powers of Iomedae that I kept my strength to be able to continue fighting this very dangerous chieftan. After what seemed like a losing battle, I struck true with one blow and emerged the victor.

Climbing out of the hole, I was met with the sight of the unconscious lawyer, and three smaller lizard-people, clutching a broken fetus. I immediately rushed to the aid of the lawyer and was attacked by the three lizard-people. Dispatching of them quickly, I turned my attentions back to the lawyer.

Seeing nothing more to this room, we gathered anything of use (Trident to me). We searched the last hut and an evil presence made itself very known to us. It attacked us from behind, but after a brief skirmish, it made its retreat. Searching through the hut, Maximo found a ring, which he kept for himself.



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