Jhod Kavken

Cleric of Erastil


Our group encountered the priest, Jhod Kavken, after the first visit of what turned out to be a shrine called the Temple of the Elk. Bors had fallen to the cursed bear that seemed to be the shrine’s guardian.

After returning to Oleg’s, Jhod expressed a great interest in seeing this shrine for himself. Returning to the Temple of the Elk, the Jhod suggested that the bear be dispatched of since it was no guardian of Erastil. Having a more organized plan of attack (as well as an able healer), we took out the cursed bear with little trouble.

Poog proved, once again, what a capable and brave goblin he was as he was able to sneak up on the bear without it noticing, thereby allowing Poog to throw fire at it, drawing it out in the open so that we could face the bear on our terms.

After the short battle with the bear, Jhod did verify that this shrine was indeed one where people used to pay homage to Erastil, god of hunters and farmers.

Perhaps we can help Jhod restore the shrine to its former glory?

Story Update

Jhod has agreed to help us establish our new nation, New Hope. He has also agreed to oversee reconstruction of the Temple of the Elk once we have the resources and manpower to allocate to such an endeavor.

Jhod Kavken

Kingmaker Bors