Warden of New Hope


Kundal is a barbarian of Numeria who came to New Hope seeking a new life and a chance to “start over” as he says.

During a string of murders that resulted in the deaths of a boy, a girl, and several livestock, Kundal was determined to be the cause for all of this mayhem. These murders were not his intent, however, and were caused directly as a cause from his curse of lycanthropy.

The innkeeper at New Hope gave us the key to his room and we found the severed ear of the girl he had killed. Kundal was found later that day in an alley where he was drinking himself into oblivion – obviously in an earnest attempt to forget his nightmares, which turned out be his reality.

At a complete loss for his crimes – crimes he was completely unaware of committing when he was committing them while in werewolf form – he did not resist his judgement and guilt. Fortunately, we were able to enlist the aid of Jhod, our resident Cleric of Erastil. Jhod was able to lift the curse of lycanthropy from Kundal.

Kundal, as punishment for his crimes, assisted in the funeral arrangements of the boy and the girl whose deaths he was responsible for, on order of Baron Bors. Kundal was also to work under the watchful eye of Jhod for a few months should the lycanthrope curse come to relapse.

Completely appreciative of his curse being lifted, Kundal bestowed unto Bors his mighty great axe. A fine weapon, Bors decided to give unto Kundal his own personal silver greatsword – an appropriate weapon should Kundal ever again face a lycanthrope in the future.

Kundal has great potential. Baron Bors can see that he is fit for far more than assisting Jhod in clerical duties. Once Kundal has worked off his debt to New Hope and that he has properly atoned for his sins, Bors has plans for greater responsibilities for the barbarian to fulfill.


Kingmaker Bors