Noleski Surtova, King

King of Brevoy

Titles: King of Brevoy
Alignment: Neutral
Race/Species: Human
Class: Aristocrat 5 / Fighter 3
Gender: Male
Homeland: Brevoy
Organization: House Surtova

King Noleski Surtova has reigned over the nation of Brevoy since 4699 AR, when the entirety of the ruling House Rogarvia mysteriously vanished. He succeeded King Urzen Rogarvia. Prior to taking the crown and the Dragonscale Throne within the Ruby Fortress in New Stetven, Surtova ruled Port Ice as have members of House Surtova for more than a thousand years.

King Noleski enjoys many titles as ruler of Brevoy, including:

  • King of All Brevoy, in the Name of Choral, Lord of Issia and Prince of Rostland, Suzerain of New Stetven, Overlord of Restov, and Defender of the Lake of Mists and Veils.
  • Regent of the Dragonscale Throne, Blood of the Conqueror, overlord and rightful king of all Brevoy.

While his sister, Natala Surtova controls the meetings with people, King Noleski plans strategies and meets with the spymasters. He is also rumored to waste much of his time sparring and practicing with the House Fencer and plotting strategies with miniatures in vast rooms in the palace. He is known for collecting small miniature models of creatures and he loves painting them.

Many suspect that he will never marry as long as his sister remains unwed. Although she entertains suitors, she shows no immediate interest in departing from her position of power as Noleski’s Queen.

Noleski Surtova, King

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