Oleg Leveton

Treasurer of New Hope


Human Male, Expert


All Oleg ever really wanted with his trading post was a place for him and his wife to live far enough from the sins of civilization without living so far that he couldn’t enjoy all of its benefits. Accepting a charter from Restov to rebuild an abandoned border fort into a trading post seemed like the perfect solution.

A man in his early thirties, Oleg is a rugged individualist, with a short temper. He is more proud than brave; loathe to ask for help from others, but willing to accept it for the good of his Trading Post and, most of all, his wife. Oleg opened up to the adventurers when it became clear they were more interested in thwarting bandits than serving the government of Restov, and was eager to be useful in the defense of his home.

Oleg keeps his left hand conspicuously hidden at all times. Svetlana informed the adventurers that Oleg’s hand was badly mangled by the bandit leader.

Story Update

Given Oleg’s background as a trader, he has accepted a temporary position of Treasurer. His wife Svetlana will be his appointed assistant as well.

Oleg Leveton

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