Fairy Dragon


The best friend and constant companion of the Grig Tyg-Titter-Tut. They spend their time playing games and pulling pranks on the biggenses. He is a shy creature with an insatiable sweet tooth. In times of need he always comes through for Tyg.

Pervilash was the first to reveal himself to Bors after Bors had, one night while alone and bored on watch, decided to make contact with the unseen pranksters. He and Tyg have since become friends with Bors, but still shy away from Bors’ companions.

After the encounter with the first bandit camp, in which Pervilash and Tyg both helped by ensuring one bandit not escape, Bors has not seen or heard from them since. And their antics that caused the party to lose sleep have ceased.


Kingmaker Bors