The Stag Lord (Deceased)

Bandit Leader


Little is known about the Stag Lord’s background. Most preliminary information has come from rumors, with Kressle adding a bit of detail. Tales of his cruelty are commonplace in the area.

The Stag Lord is the leader of the bandits who have been robbing and generally terrorizing the few honest inhabitants of the Greenbelt (Oleg, trappers, traders, travelers). No one has been able to furnish an accurate description of him due to the helmet that covers most of his face. Even Kressle, who lived and worked in the Stag Lord’s Fort claimed that she had never actually seen his face. Kressle also told the party that the Stag Lord is not generally well-liked by his men, but rules through fear.

So far, we had not encountered a single bandit that would not surrender and quickly betray their “lord” once they realize they are outclassed. He is an exceptional shot with the longbow, though his habitual drunkenness does diminish his powers somewhat. Kressle also encouraged the party to consider using the alcohol they found at the Thorn River Camp, as it was intended for him anyway.

The Stag Lord (Deceased)

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