Vekkel Bensen

Retired Hunter


We met Vekkel Bensen at Oleg’s Trading Post. Vekkel had put up a wanted poster for the large boar, Old Tuskgutter, who put an end to his career as a hunter when the notorious boar gored Vekkel, maiming his leg. Vekkel now walks with a gimp around Oleg’s and spends most of his time drinking in the bar area, telling stories to whomever is willing to pull up a chair and listen.

We did the task that Vekkel wanted done and returned with the tusks of Old Tuskgutter as proof of the deed. We were rewarded with Vekkel’s longbow and some arrows that had some magical properties (Animal Bane).

Maybe Vekkel can help us run the territory in some capacity? Just because he can no longer actively hunt doesn’t mean his knowledge of the surrounding areas would not be useless.

Vekkel Bensen

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