The Story of Bors and Co., Part I

An unlikely group…

I had been tasked with a group by the Kingdom of Brevoy to chart a map along the unclaimed regions to the south. While there, our primary duties were to explore and make safe the surrounding wild areas, relieve a trading post (Oleg’s) that had fallen victim to banditry, quelling the bandits entirely, and preparing the region for settlement that the Kingdom of Brevoy may expand its majesty further south.

My group included a ranger of sorts, who seemed descended from Elven heritage, although not entirely so. His name is Zirul. The third member of our trio was a gnome sorcerer – the self-proclaimed Bosco “The Brave”. Though quite small in stature, I was not entirely certain what exactly this diminutive gnome had exactly “braved”. No matter. Bosco seemed quite adept with magic, and particularly that of the fire variety. He is essentially a pyromaniac, which could prove problematic since most of what we have to chart lay deep within the forest.


En route to Oleg’s, our camp was visited by a goblin. This goblin was sneaking around as we lay asleep. We had caught him red-handed. Bosco wanted to incinerate the hapless goblin, but I could sense no deliberate malice coming from the goblin. He was merely homeless and looking for some food. And he had a rather large fondness for “shinies” as he would call them. We know these “shinies” as precious gems, or coin. His introduced himself as Poog. He seemed harmless enough, so I made the decision to take him along, much to the chagrin of my companions. I maintained that I would be entirely accountable for his actions.

Bandits no more…

Upon our arrival to Oleg’s, we were greeted by Oleg himself, and his lovely wife Svetlana. Immediately, we were welcomed in. Oleg explained to us his dire situation while Svetlana served us lemonade and some stew, of which were refreshing and delicious. Oleg’s Trading Post itself was effectively a fort made of wood, with high walls, and towers on each of the four corners. Each corner contained a catapult. These catapults were in disrepair and would be of no immediate use to us. There was also a stables that could stable up to 4-5 horses, a guestroom with enough space for 4 guests, a storage room, and Oleg’s personal residence.

When Oleg had explained to us the his plight, we decided to rectify his immediate need. Bandits were to visit the next day, demanding taxes or “protection” money. We planned to get the jump on these bandits once they were inside. The next day we made good our plans and we dispatched of these bandits with relative ease. Oleg and Svetlana were entirely grateful for our help.

After we had repaired the damage the bandits had done (a portion of the guest house had caught on fire, though this was no fault of Bosco), and we were well rested and resupplied, we decided to embark forth and finally start our mapping assignment. We left knowing that we had a bed and place to eat at Oleg’s – another fringe benefit to helping he and Svetlana be rid of visiting bandits.

Pranksters and hungry Kobolds…

The first couple of nights out, we seemed to have attracted the company of pranksters. They would douse Poog with water while he slept or surround Bosco’s head with blinking lights. Whatever they were, they seemed harmless enough. The only real “damage” they were doing was ruining the sleep of Poog and Bosco. We also came upon a small trio of Kobolds that were eating some peculiar radishes (Moon Radishes). Making quick work of the Kobolds, we plucked some of the radishes because they did look quite good. Who knows? They might make a nice stew.

The Temple of the Elk…

We came upon what appeared to be a place of religious worship, though this place had clearly not been used in quite some time. The way this shrine was laid out was a clearing in the woods, with an alcove of 5 caves. Before one could get to the caves, there was a bridge crossing a stream, though that bridge had seen better days. And before the bridge was a statue of an Elk humanoid as well as a pond of water that still looked quite drinkable, albeit being stagnant.

Upon closer inspection, I was able to discern that this shrine was once dedicated to Erastil, a god of the forest. My close inspection of the statue did stir a bear out of sleep from one of the caves. It was rather large and territorial. And angry. It charged before I could react, swiping at me with it’s two great paws, and instantly knocking me unconscious. I’m not certain what happened next, but I was awoken to the feeling of warm liquid being poured down my gullet. Opening my eyes, I was surprised that it none other than Poog who had come to my rescue. Getting back onto my feet, we all beat a hasty retreat. Though, Zirul and Bosco had already made that decision whilst I was unconscious. Being completely abandoned by the Elf and the Gnome but saved by the Goblin was quite a revelation indeed! Never judge a book by its cover.

Oleg’s Trading Post comes to life…

We returned to Oleg’s, battered and bloody. Well, I was battered and bloody. Everyone else was relatively unscathed from our encounter with the bear. There was a priest who happened to be at Oleg’s as well. He was a follower of Erastil and wanted very much for us to take him to this shrine. He introduced himself as Jhod Kavken. In addition to Jhod, there seemed to be the added security of 4 guards, led by a young captain named Kesten Garess. Kesten informed us that he and his men were sent from Brevoy and that they would maintain and oversee the security of Oleg’s, and they would help us in any way that they can.

The next day we made a return trip back to the Temple of the Elk, with Jhod accompanying us, and us having the peace of mind knowing that Oleg’s was well taken care of, all thanks to the watchful eye of Captain Garess and his men. Arriving back at the shrine, Jhod positively identified that this shrine was once a place of worship to the forest god, Erastil. But the bear currently residing here was not of Erastil. A bit more organized and better prepared with a priest for healing, we had very little trouble taking the bear down this time around. Though, the bear did chase Poog a good bit, giving the poor goblin quite a fright.

What was rather odd was when the bear was slain, the corpse immediately reverted to that of an old man, who we could hear sighing in the winds (which there was a sudden gust of), and then his remains disintegrated into nothingness. Was he cursed? If so, did we alleviate the curse? Jhod seemed quite satisfied with the results, so we all returned to Oleg’s for a well-deserved rest, a hearty meal, and a pint (or 3) of ale.

Adventure 1

The party arrived at Oleg’s… what else?


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