Gear stored for City

The following is a list of party gear that has been kept for use in giving to hirelings, henchmen or maybe an NPC:

Armor Items:

Breast Plate x1
Leather Armor x 11
Heavy Steel Shield
MW Chain mail
MW Studded Leather


Long Sword x 1
Longbow x 10
Short Swords x 11
Arrows x 420
Spears x 5
Daggers x 3
Composite Longbow x 1
MW Dagger
MW Longbow
MW Long Sword
MW ???? [ Need to agree on this]

Stag Lords Helmet
Cure Light Wounds Potion x 4
Cure Moderate Wounds x 3
Lesser Restoration x1
Nails x3
Hammer x2
Ropes x4
Tent x 2
Liquor x 8 (140gp worth)

Gear stored for City

Kingmaker JFPheonix