Titles: City of Mists
Nation: Kyonin
Size: Metropolis
Population: 56,340
Ruler: Queen Telandia Edasseril

The illusion-shrouded city of Iadara (pronounced eye-uh-DAR-ah) is the beautiful capital city of the elven kingdom of Kyonin. The possessive used for the city is ‘Iadaran’.

Although the city is intentionally hidden via illusion to the uninvited, the elven capital is an awe-inspiring city that combines elven magic and architecture with the natural environment of the Fierani Forest. Indeed, most buildings are artfully intertwined with the twisting trees, designed to protect and augment both. The structures are mostly constructed from silver and crystal, and smooth, twisting towers are popular architecture. Music, laughter and birdsong are the first sounds visitors hear when they approach Iadara.

Layers of illusions and mists hide the elven capital from unwelcome onlookers. For the invited, however, a splendor as awe-inspiring as any sight on Golarion reveals itself. No spot in this city of spires lies untouched by magic and brilliant craft. Trees intertwine with buildings in artful joinings. Patterns within patterns adorn every surface, down to the bark on saplings. Towers of silver and crystal thrust high above the treetops, and elven crafters are always decorating or enchanting some new aspect of the city. Indestructible roads and soft earthen paths open into large, circular courtyards, and elven laughter mingles with birdsong to provide a constant backdrop of nature and joy. Non-elf visitors are the object of stares but are rarely made to feel unwelcome – provided they stay in their designated areas and have officially sanctioned reasons for being there.

Although non-elf visitors are exceptionally rare, they are never subjected to anything worse than curious stares from the elven inhabitants, provided they keep to their designated areas. The city is supported by the Endowhar River: a river that empties into the River Kingdoms.

Somewhere within this elven capital stands the Sovyrian Stone, hidden from most elven eyes even. This enormous crystal is in fact a mysterious portal arch to their realm of Sovyrian. All other portal gates in the world are mere pale imitations. Seeking to refocus the crystal toward the Abyss and bridge the gap between the planes, Treerazer attempted to wrest control of the Stone in 2632 AR, and it was this struggle which brought the elves back to Golarion to retake their ancestral lands and protect the fragile link between this world and Sovyrian.

Iadara is home to the Kyonin monarchy, and the legendary Sovyrian Stone.


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