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New Hope – Our capital city.

  • Buildings – Our current completed structures.
  • Standing Army – Our current military units and where they are posted.


  • Military Officer (Lieutenant) – 4th level fighters. 1 per 100 military unit. 3-4 junior officers (Fighter 2) report to each Lieutenant.
  • Typical Foot Soldier – 3rd level warriors with extensive training under Bors.

The Watch

  • Guard Officer – 4th level fighters. Officers of the Watch; typically have Patrol Sergeants (Warrior3/Fighter 1) overseeing each watch section on duty.
  • Typical City Watchman – 3rd level warriors who maintain a vigilant watch at Borston (50), Olegton (20), and Tatzlford (20).

The Guardians
(Breakdown of Bors’ Followers as per the Leadership Feat)



The River Kingdoms – A land in turmoil. Self-proclaimed rulers and kings abound aplenty, seizing opportunities at their leisure and whim.

Establishment Notes

Gear stored for City

Leadership Roles

Notable Cities, Towns, Villages, Etc.

Restov – One of the two largest cities in Rostland, Southern Brevoy.

Kyonin – The homeland of the Elven race, directly south of New Hope.

  • Iadara – Capital city of Kyonin, and where Bors’ fiance, Princess Aerith Eldasseril, hails.

Notable Locations

Stag Lord’s Fortress – The fortress of the defeated Stag Lord. We now occupy it and intend to use it as the central strong point of our base of operations.

Oleg’s Trading Post – Trading hub and well-fortified trading post.

Temple of the Elk – Shrine to Erastil, god of hunters and farmers. It is still under disarray.

Houses & Organizations of Brevoy

House Surtova – Current ruling house of Brevoy.

Deities and Pantheon

Abadar – God of merchants, judges, lawyers, and aritocrats.

Erastil – God of hunters, farmers, and tradesmen.

Gorum – God of soldiers, mercenaries, brigands, bloodthirsty savages; half-orcs, barbarians.

Iomedae – Goddess of paladins, knights, and warriors.

Lamashtu ( Outlawed ) – Goddess of gnolls, medusas, harpies, goblins, minotaurs, hidden human cults, the insane, bugbears, derros, lamiaa, morlocks, and ogres.

Pharasma – Goddess of midwives, pregnant women, and morticians.

Defeated Creatures & Foes

The Stag Lord (Deceased)

Sootscale Kobolds (Truce) – Kobold tribe that we helped to liberate of an imposter chief, Tartuk, holding illegitimate power over them.

Old Tuskgutter (Slain) – Abnormally large boar that we killed for a bounty placed by Vekkel.

Olytop Brinklebuss (Slain) – Giant Mushroom encountered during errand for Swamp Witch


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