Oleg's Trading Post


Oleg’s Trading Post

Oleg’s Trading Post is a small shop in the wilderness run by Oleg and his wife Svetlana. It is located at the top of a hill.

It is an old army post that was taken over by trolls. When the trolls disappeared, Oleg moved in and took over the building with the help of a contingent of soldiers who assisted in rebuilding. The soldiers, however, were called back to Brevoy in October. A relief contingent was supposed to arrive by December, but an early winter kept them sheltered in Restov.

Bandits harassed the Post in the colder months until the Adventuring Group managed to fend them off in the Battle At Oleg’s, a tale which Oleg never tires in hearing or retelling to passing travelers. It is a tale that grows in its myth with each hearing. The grave of River to the North of Oleg’s is a constant reminder of the cruel battle and the stakes that were at hand.

Oleg’s Purchase Limit – 1,100 gp (increases by 100 gp/wk)


Current Capacity: (25 total) ; Oleg’s House (2), Guest House (23)

-Water for about 100 people.

Features of the trading post include the following:

-High wooden walls
-Wooden gate that can be barred from the inside
-4 catapults (4 not working; 0 functional)
-6 Stable stalls
-Oleg’s house (1 bedroom, office, 2 storage rooms, dining room)
-Guest house (4 beds)

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Oleg's Trading Post

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