Temple of the Elk

The Temple of the Elk – Erastil

Temple of the elk

The temple is some 300-ft tall. Its edifice is a gigantic stone elk head, whose horns make up the structural support of the temple’s egress.

Temple of the elk statue

A statue of a humanoid stag stands quiet vigil over the temple, though there seems to be no worshipers nearby, nor did there appear to be any signs that worshipers had been here but for a long, long time ago.

Cave bear

The cleric staying at Oleg’s, Jhod Kavken, joined with our group to battle the corrupted grizzly bear guarding the temple. When the battle initially started, Bors was taken by surprise by this bear guardian and summarily knocked unconscious. Poog came to the rescue of Bors, quickly holding a potion of healing unto the lips of a seemingly lifeless Bors. Bors regained consciousness and the part worked together to defeat the bear.

The battle was climactic and harrowing—worshipers of Erastil were infused with the god’s might, and could even hear the footfalls of the Grim White Stag as he oversaw the contest. After defeating the temple guardian the bear dissolved into the form of a man which desiccated and blew away. The signs of corruption visibly faded and the hidden temple immediately teemed with healthy vegetation, clean water, and wildlife.

The pond here is not only refreshing, but has healing properties (Cure Light Wounds), as our group came to discover after the battle with the bear.

Temple of the Elk

Kingmaker Bors