Zirul's Adventures Part IV

What a thought now we are not just being requested to explore land for someone else, now we have been asked to establish a kingdom? What a thought to actually have a true home, one where none can chase me out? How would such a thing look to have a place to come back to? Today my motions and thoughts are in circles as I process a change I had never considered. Maybe it will be possible to make something lasting that is not as messed up as so many of the towns I have seen before. Maybe I am a bit paranoid, but I have the feeling we are being setup as a buffer for those in power elsewhere in their political intrigues, how I wish I had devoted more time unraveling such things. Maybe I can find help to guide me in those nuances.

We have spend the last few days talking among ourselves and talking to some of the acquaintances we have made to establish help in making this project work. One thing that has become certain as we plan the basics of where to build and what it should look like is that we will need some people who are able to assist us while we are away on projects to help solidify this land for a kingdom. Bor’s has been able to negotiate with Oleg to assist us with tracking our city resources, Keston the head of the Guards for Oleg’s trading post has agreed to serve as our Warden and to look after the local guards. Additionally we have been able to acquire the assistance or Aurora to act as our high priest and to look after the people coming to live with us. Among ourselves we have also agreed to take up a few roles needed to keep things going. It has been decided that Bor’s will be acting as our official leader, Gannon shall help as a councilor representing the citizens. As for me, it seems I have gain agreement to be able to spend my time in a less visible role to see what I can do to defend our new hope.

In addition to the roles to be filled by our current team it seems that we have been joined by an old friend who can assist us by acting as a diplomat. Our companion from when we first began to explore this land has returned. Today while walking through Oleg’s I encountered Bosco the gnome. He seems to have grown substantially over the last few months and is no longer the Pyro I remember, but has instead become an adept spinner of stories. It even seems the roamers that had reached us of a Bosco the Great have been exaggerated, but are indeed about our old friend. It has been quite a refreshing day to here is stories of adventure.

Today after we had a chance to deal with that annoying spider who tried to catch us a few weeks back we met the first of our new citizens. Bervoy has sent a few dozen who will help us with clearing out the Stag Lord’s old home so that we can begin work on the castle that will be the home for us. In our with them we have encountered one among them who stands out a bit above everyone else. His name is Kratos and he seems to be adept at martial prowess and has agreed to come with us as we have agreed to assist our old friend Poog with an errand. It seems that through his time traveling with the group he has grown significantly and now desires to find other goblins who are not evil. While such a thing is a stretch, we have decided to go home with him to assist in overthrowing the current evil leader in order to save a few of them.

After a little over 3 days of uneventful travel we have returned with the citizens of the city that we have agreed to call “A New Hope”. A name that seems strangely symbolic in this crazy world. We have tasked the group with clearing the land so that we can begin work on the castle and the surrounding community. After setting things in order we will take off for Poog’s village.

Poog’s village is a small facility with somewhere near two dozen goblins. I am unable to tell who is not evil, but as Bor’s seems to be good at such things we shall leave this to him. Between scouting and talking to Poog we have come to learn that the Goblin’s are ruled by a king who has at least one bodyguard who is the brother of Poog. Poog seems to believe his brother is evil beyond hope and must die, what a loving family. After some discussion it was agreed that Bor’s, Gannon, Krato’s and Poog would go into the town and that Bor’s would attempt to challenge the king for leadership in an attempt to save lives. As for Bosco and myself we will remain outside in the forest a ways off to allow assistance should our plan not execute as we had hoped.

As they entered the city all seemed well, but it did not take long to see that our strategy for a simple solution was not going to work. As I watched Bor’s talk to the Goblin king I saw the Goblin attempt to skewer him. Immediately his guards and several other soldiers came into the mix. Through the smart work of Gannon the soldiers were all captured in vines and just the keep and bodyguards were left n the battle. Though it was close, we were able to gain victory over the king and as he fell I experienced something new. In an attempt to avoid additional bloodshed I cried out to the Goblin’s to surrender which all but the bodyguards heeded.

As we prepared to deal with the citizen’s of Poog’s village an unusual event occurred within our group as we squabbled over what to do with those who surrendered and were evil. As we each made a case for what to do with them I could seem that the citizen’s were so scared and frightened of us. Though I could never have imagined it my heart ached for the Goblin’s and I could not find the will to kill those who surrendered even if they were evil; a view that was not fully shared. As I looked at them during our discussion I was confronted with a question on conscience, how could a “New Hope” be founded upon the deaths of those willing to surrender. Fortunately we were able to come to an agreement that the lives of even the evil one’s would be spared, but they must leave the village without arms or armor; the rest would travel back with us to help with building the town. In addition Poog has agreed to act as our Marshall and with the help of others will work to keep the region under control for us.

As we returned to our new hope we prepared for the next challenge of our adventure; to build a home. Notes on a New Hope and a new home still to come.



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