Zirul's Year in New Hope

As we look back on this past year it is quite amazing to see how things have evolved in such a short time. It seems like only days ago that we were living in the remains of the Stag Lords fortress and wondering what to do once our charter was completed. In the early months it took all of our time and resources to prepare a foundation for this city and to built the castle and town hall which now stand out amongst our city.

The first month was also filled with a bit of personal excitement. As I was out on a walk in the forest the one day I encountered a small raccoon who I was able to get close to. He was quite an exciting fellow and while I wasn’t able to pet him it does seem that he might be friendly.

Our second month was marked with some unexpected excitement as a delegation of of nobles from Restov came here to celebrate with us and to see what we were up to. While it was nice to have the resources that they brought I am left with a concerned as to why they have come so quickly after we started our work here. While I probably should have spent time celebrating with the others it seems best to spend time talking with our guests and watching them as best I could. Over the course of the last month I have not noticed anything too suspicious, but I think that as spymaster I really need to learn how to do a better job next time.

After some time I have been able to make friends with and train the raccoon I met a few months ago. He is a wonderful fellow and I have been able to train him as a hunter. I have a feeling he will be a major help and maybe a good guard to assist during our travels. In fact we were able to do some hunting today and I found him to be an excellent companion and have decided to name the little guy Ricky.

Our third and fourth months have been an exciting times for the city as we were finally able to begin establishing some housing for our people including the beginnings of our farms. It has also been an exciting time personally as I have begun working towards recruiting some help to scout and spy for our city. It maybe paranoia but I still think that visit in our second month was a sign to be careful. I am not sure what the true difference is between a Nobel and the bandits I grew up with but if the one has taught me anything it’s to be prepared.

While I have come to realize I am not as well suited as Bor’s is for developing our new home I have been able to spend the last few months helping where needed and using the rest of my time to work amongst our small but growing force of troops. With some practice and some of the bows we have collected we have seen some wonderful progress amongst the warriors in our army. I am sure that many of them will make fine archers who can guard the walls of the castle and maybe one day the walls of this city. In addition I have been able to put in some time to build up our collection of bows and arrows which should help keep our men well stocked for some time to come. I am hoping to be able to recruit a few of the best of them as scouts to assist in our advanced defense.

Month 7

Bor’s has done a wonderful job with the troop train and it has been great fun being able to spend time amongst them. We have a number of fine troops and a couple of may proof useful as advanced scouts, but we’ll see how they do as we continue to train and drill.

As this month draws to a close I think it is time to get out of the city a bit so I will be taking some time to travel our woodlands and see whats going on. Maybe I will even stop by and see about that restoration work for Erastil’s temple in the woods. It seems a good excuse to be out of the city for a few weeks and maybe I can get in some time to go hunting. Maybe I can even get in some time making a few more bows and arrows as I relax in the woods.

Month 9

I have spent much of the last two months traveling the area between the temple of Erastil, Oleg’s trading post and the city. It has been an enjoyable time of travel in the area. I am excited to see the progress but also to have an opportunity to spend some time hunting in these woods. My little friend Ricky has proven to be quite the helper.

Month 10

I have received some updates from the spy I was able to send out though the information seems quite limited. It seems that at this point there is neither a positive or negative wind towards our city.

Our city has expanded substantially while I was out wandering and it seems that the roads are in place. We have almost managed to make it to Oleg’s. Maybe I will go and see how things are there

Month 11

I am somewhat depressed that to realize that the Elf who did damage to our Goblin’s could not be dealt with. He might have made a wonderful addition to help as our official assassin. I must make sure not to share my thoughts with Bor’s he might not like that idea.

Month 12

I have spent much of the month working on weapon production and spent some time training a few men to help with scouting. Just need to work on getting some reassignments.



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