Olytop Brinklebuss


During the founding of New Hope, the exploratory council needed to retrieve a set of mushrooms. During their survey of the land they burned a huge mushroom that attacked them. It was assumed that it was a naturally occurring fungi, but later, town Marshall, “Poog” found the following will in the area.


If you are reading this, I am free. Free from this prison. Let me tell you my story.
Before I was the monstrous creature you see, I was a normal man. Well, as normal as a
rich boy can be. My father was a traveling merchant, who specialized in exotic armors.
Needless to say, I wanted for nothing. Until I did. That was my undoing. Finding my
father’s work beneath me, I began to admire the power of mages. Not being naturally gifted,
I had to seek out a master to see how I could access the mysteries of the arcane world.
There were many, but most were too engrossed in their own studies to take on an apprentice,
especially one who was essentially a blank slate. After much searching, I found one in my master.

He wasn’t particularly friendly, but my family’s money kept him happy. I was learning plenty of spells – Dancing Lights, Obscuring Mist, Gust of Wind. However, I wanted more. I had heard of mages who could change shape. Those who could fly. Even Detect thoughts. That was what I wanted,the ability to detect thoughts. I could finally learn why women always decline my advances in the tavern. I could find the locations of hidden equipment from thieves, finally show my father I’m worth something.

One day, while mixing solutions for my master, he stepped out. Here was my chance! I pulled his spellbook out of the special drawer he kept it. Finding the spell quite easily, I practiced the words and the motions seperately as to not cast something else. Then, confident in my skill, I peeked out of our quarters and spied a guard walking by. I cast my spell and waited. Nothing happened. I threw my hands up and he threw his hands up. That was strange. I put my hands on my hips and he did too. Was I somehow controlling this man?

I turned around, jumped up and down and it all worked. Then another man walked up and in my panic, my puppet attacked him. The man, later known to be a notorious barbarian, full of rage, shoved me back. I didn’t feel anything. I made the puppet pull his dagger and grimace at the barbarian. Then i felt our connection fall away, as the barbarian roared and cleaved the man in two with his might greatsword. I slammed the door and began to wonder what I had done.

After an hour or two, my master returned. When I told him what had happned, he seemed
as angry as the barbarian. “This!”, he bellowed, “is why only men of true intelligence
as taught the arcane arts.” He began to mutter and wave and then everything went black.
When I awoke, I was in a swamp, and looking down at my master. He told me, “As punishment
for your transgressions, you will protect these plot of land. It’s a place where magic
occurs naturally and your new job will be to protect these mushrooms from those who might
take it and use it for nefarious purposes. After your protect this land from 3 trespassers
your time of service is completed and you may return to society”. It’s been 14 years.

I’ve only had to scare 2 visitors away in my entire time here, one was a mere child,
and the other was a hag of a woman. If it’s you as the 3rd person trespassing, please know that you possess objects of great power and as my story can teach you, you must use caution.
Do Not mess with things you know nothing of. It’s a ticket to misery.

Olytop Brinklebuss

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