New Hope

Kingdom of New Hope

Titles: City of New Hope, Fortress of Justice
Nation: New Hope
Region: River Kingdoms
Size: Small Castletown
Population: 11,250
Demographics: 89% Humans, 4% Dwarves, 2% Halflings, 1% Gnomes, 1% Elves, 3% Other
Government: Autocracy
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Ruler: Baron Erdrick “Bors” Borsamille, Knight

Standing Army

Barony Militia (x3) CR 1
Medium army of Humans Soldiers Three 100 person units, (Company)
Barony Militia (100 Human Paladin 2) Led by Bors – unit is In reserve at the Castle of Borston
Barony Militia (100 Human Fighter 2) Led by Kesten Garess – unit is in reserve at the barracks of Borston
Barony Militia (100 Human Warrior 3) Led by Godfrey Mannering – unit is in reserve at the barracks of Olegton
HP: 5 DV 11; OM +1
Speed: 2 Consumption: 1
  • Each Company is led by a Lieutenant (Fighter 3), with a CHA modifier of +1

Phase Checks

Economy: +43
Loyalty: +28
Stability: +33


Promotion Level: Token
Taxation Level: Normal
Festivals per Year: 6


Kingdom Size: 15
Control DC: 35
Unrest: 0
Treasury: 21 BP
Consumption: 2

Oleg’s Trading Post: Approximately 60 miles north, Oleg’s Trading Post has been upgraded to a Watch Tower. A barracks has also been constructed and now houses a Barony Militia (Medium Army of 100 Warrior 3) to keep immediate interests well-guarded. They are led by Ser Godfrey Mannering (Aristocrat 3/Fighter 1), who has no personal combat experience. Ser Godfrey is a young noble who hopes to further gain in-house fame through military glory.

The 4 catapults that were previously in disrepair, are now fully functional and operated by capable siege engineers. There is also a stables so that horse breeding can commence and the training and raising of a cavalry unit can take place. A detachment of 25 Guards (Warrior 3) maintain local security and ensure that bored soldiers don’t get into too much trouble.

Sootscale Mines: We came to an agreement with the Sootscale Kobolds that our Dwarves will begin mining operations there. As fortune would have it, there are natural silver veins within these mines.

Tatzlford: Husband and wife retirees, Loy and Latricia Rezbin, asked to found a village at the ford of the Skunk Worm River, with the blessing, guidance, and support of New Hope. We have annexed Tatzleford, which lies approximately 40 miles to the west and slightly north of New Hope capital city of Borston. A lumber mill and carpenter’s shop now serves as the primary source of raw materials for further construction within the kingdom. A small detachment of 15 guards (Warrior 3) maintain local security. Plans to build a barracks and post a detachment of 50 soldiers are currently in the making, as New Hope hopes to continue expanding further west, and north.

New Hope

Kingmaker Bors