Titles: God of Walls and Ditches, The Gold-Fisted, Judge of the Gods, Master of the First Vault
Alignment: Lawful neutral
Portfolio: Cities, Wealth, Merchants, Law
Worshipers: Judges, Merchants, Lawyers, Aristocrats
Cleric Alignments: LG, LN, N, LE
Domains: Earth, Law, Nobility, Protection, Travel
Subdomains: Defense, Inevitable, Leadership, Martyr, Metal, Trade
Favored Weapon: Light Crossbow


Abadar (pronounced AH-bah-dar) is known to be a patient deity. Maintaining a strong neutral stance in his actions, he sets forth to further expand civilization and order among the peoples of Golarion and across the world.

Abadar has long served as the guardian and protector of the First Vault, a repository said to be crafted by the deity’s own hand, containing perfect versions of everything ever created or seen by civilized peoples. He is also credited with guiding the advancement of the demihuman races towards the point where they could establish civilized societies of their own. He is believed to have been among the group of eldest gods who banded together in the time before mortal reckoning to defeat and imprison the rampaging god Rovagug.

Abadar is often described as an attractive human, with dark hair and wearing a golden breastplate. He wears a cloak and fine clothes, and is often depicted possessing a number of keys. Additional details vary among the races that worship him, though the Master of the First Vault is of Taldan origin.

The temples of Adabar are designed to function independently of one another, usually serving a single community or region. The individual clergy are usually aligned with the local government, but are forbidden to fight amongst themselves and often stand as a neutral faction during legitimate conflicts. Worship of the Master of the First Vault in the Inner Sea region is commonplace in the nations of Absalom, Andoran, Brevoy, Cheliax, Katapesh, Molthune, Nex, Sargava, Taldor, and Varisia.

Abadar is primarily worshiped by judges, merchants, lawyers, and aristocrats, though many others turn to the worship of the Master of the First Vault in the hope of attaining wealth and happiness. Abadar’s association with cities and trade means he is worshipped by many halflings.

The clergy of Abadar is primarily composed of clerics, though on occasion paladins are called into his service. In addition, justiciars dedicate themselves to spreading their deity’s ideals of civilization and order.

Mortal servants of Abadar work to forward the development of civilization in their communities, often serving as judges, lawyers, and clerks. Clerics and paladins of Abadar can prepare word of recall to return them to the designated sanctuary of the temple of their home city.

Knights of Abadar fight against corruption and anarchy. They understand both the letter and spirit of the law. They often serve as judges in places where the application of law is starting to dissolve.

Temples dedicated to Abadar are usually large, elaborately decorated buildings designed for multiple functions; in addition to being centers of worship, they often provide the surrounding community with banking and other services. Such sites are often built near courthouses, and led by a Banker or Archbanker.


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