Sootscale Kobolds

Led by Chief Sootscale, this is the group of Kobolds that were troubling the regions south of Restov. A wanted poster had been placed at Oleg’s Trading Post calling for a way to get this particular tribe of Kobolds to cease their attacks in the area, either by eradicating them entirely or coming to an agreement with them to make them stop.

After rescuing a torture victim from the Mites of the Old Sycamore Tree, we discovered that this Kobold was of the Sootscale Tribe and that a statuette to their deity be returned to his clan, posthaste. Luckily, we found that very statuette not far from where we found the Kobold.

Leading us back to the location of his tribe, Chief Sootscale demanded that we simply hand over the statuette to them. We refused, citing that the Kobold that we had just rescued promised us great rewards for the statuettes return. A small battle ensued that resulted in the death of roughly 5 Kobolds.

Sensing that they were overpowered, Chief Soostcale implored us to destroy the statuette for he said there was a curse on his tribe and destroying the statuette would lift the curse. He vowed to ally with us to kill the imposter chief who had seized power of the Sootscales. I took him for his word, laid down the statuette, and smashed it to bits. The Chief and his kinsmen howled in delight and led the charge back into their den, where we encountered a purple Kobold by the name of Tartuk.

After a brief battle, Tartuk (who was heavily outnumbered) fell. The corpse of a purple Kobold transformed somehow. What then lay before us was the body of a slain Gnome. Strange.

Chief Sootscale gave us a bountiful reward of coin and magical items. He also swore that he and his clan will no longer be a nuisance to the area and that we could call on him and his kin whenever we needed in the future.

Sootscale Kobolds

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